NHS treatment

We offer a sedation service here at the practice for people who are dental phobic, we also accept referrals from other dental practices. We are highly skilled in caring for patients who are phobic and along with our principal dentist and seditionist George Warmisham we have sedation qualified nurses. All our team are familiar with dealing with anxious patients and will do their best to help and find ways to make treatment and regular examinations easier for you. If this service is something you are interested in please speak directly to your dentist.

We have a small list of private procedures that we carry out but are only available to our patients who are registered with us. Your dentist will be able to discuss our private treatment and the associated costs with you.

Am I entitled to Free NHS dental treatment? You may be entitled to free NHS dental services because on the first day of treatment you were, under the age of 18, 18 years old and in full time education, are pregnant, had a baby within the last 12 months or are currently in prison or a young offender’s institute. You may be entitled to free NHS dental services because during the course of treatment if you get, or are included in an award (as a claimant, partner, or dependant person under 20) of: Income support (incapacity benefit and Disability Living Allowance does NOT count, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (contribution-based does NOT count), Income-related Employment & Support allowance (contribution-related does NOT count), Pension credit Guarantee Credit (Savings Credit on its own does NOT count), Universal Credit (in the last assessment period there were no earnings, or earnings were within the allowed limit). You are entitled to free NHS dental services because you are named on one of the following certificates that is valid during the course of treatment: HC2 Certificate, NHS Tax Exemption Certificate/Card (or entitled to one). You are entitled to reduced cost NHS dental services because: You are named on a HC3 certificate that is valid during this course of treatment which limits the amount you have to pay. You do not have to pay for an examination as you are under 25 years of age or 60 years old or over.

It is the responsibility of the patient and not the practice to sign for the right entitlement. Checks on claims are undertaken to confirm you are entitled by the business service authority (BSA). Incorrect claims for free or reduced cost NHS dental services will result in a penalty charge, in addition to the cost of the NHS dental services.

Please select dental charges for full break down of charges